World-class speaker. Game-changing content.

Candace Bertotti delivers high-leverage, immediately applicable skills–bringing to life the powerful content based on the New York Times bestsellers: Influence, Crucial Conversations, Crucial Accountability, and Change Anything.

Featured speeches include:

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Influence: The New Science of Leading Change
Workplace Safety: Learn Creative Strategies from Companies with Impeccable Safety Records
Influence in Health Care: How to Dramatically Increase Your Ability to Create Change
Crucial Conversations: Speaking Up When It Matters Most
Silent Danger: Crucial Conversations that Drive Workplace Safety
Silent Treatment: Why Safety Tools and Checklists Aren’t Enough to Save Lives
Silence Kills: Crucial Conversations for Healthcare
Crucial Accountability: Tools for Addressing Broken Promises, Unmet Expectations, and Bad Behavior
Mastering the Art of Connection

Speech length range: 20 minutes to 3 hours
Audience size range: dozens to thousands

All topics are tailored to address specific challenges, needs, and interests of audience.

Hit your event out of the ballpark. Guaranteed.

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Your opening keynote was everything we could hope for: thought-provoking, enlightening, entertaining, interesting, informative and inspiring. Wow, you hit them all! You are just the sort of trouble-free, good-natured professional we love to deal with. Thank you.

Jean Barber, NRECA

I’ve taken a number of classes for my business and I can say that Candace is hands down the BEST teacher I have had. She’s a great speaker and lovely person.

Kirby Woodson, Founder, Petite Alma

Thank you for the wonderful session. I definitely learned new tools and have a greater appreciation of the power of communication and negotiation. Wish the day had been longer!”

Alison Kraigsley, AAAS Fellow, National Institutes of Health

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Candace, and highly recommend her.”

J.B., retired Program Director, Office of Personnel Management

Candace’s high energy and enthusiasm for her work is highly infectious.”

J.B., retired Program Director, Office of Personnel Management

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