Talking Politics

Talking Politics

“It’s always been risky to voice your political views and, in today’s polarized environment, it’s become practically taboo. Our recent study showed that one in three of us have been attacked, insulted, or called names for sharing our opinions; and one in four have had a political discussion permanently damage a relationship.”

Check out our entire article in Harvard Business Review. Honored to be part of it. Here’s to having more effective conversations with those on the other end of the political spectrum!

4 Responses to Talking Politics

  1. Without laying the cards on the table, team members will never really get to the bottom of what went wrong and eventually they will make the same mistakes over and over again. Candid communication is when you speak frankly to each other, without unnecessary embellishments or polite veneers.

    • ….and when said with healthy intentions. Sometimes people justify being a jerk by saying “I was just speaking frankly.” There’s a difference between raw honesty and refined honesty. Thanks for the great comment!

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