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Candace Bertotti delivers high-leverage, immediately applicable skills–bringing to life the powerful content based on the New York Times bestsellers: Influence, Crucial Conversations, Crucial Accountability, and Change Anything.

Featured speeches include:

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Influence: The New Science of Leading Change
Workplace Safety: Learn Creative Strategies from Companies with Impeccable Safety Records
Influence in Health Care: How to Dramatically Increase Your Ability to Create Change
Crucial Conversations: Speaking Up When It Matters Most
Silent Danger: Crucial Conversations that Drive Workplace Safety
Silent Treatment: Why Safety Tools and Checklists Aren’t Enough to Save Lives
Silence Kills: Crucial Conversations for Healthcare
Crucial Accountability: Tools for Addressing Broken Promises, Unmet Expectations, and Bad Behavior
Mastering the Art of Connection

Speech length range: 20 minutes to 3 hours
Audience size range: dozens to thousands

All topics are tailored to address specific challenges, needs, and interests of audience.

Hit your event out of the ballpark. Guaranteed.

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Thank you for organizing a beneficial, skill-building class with such amazing opportunities to network and learn from others.”

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